WNBF is one of the largest and most established natural bodybuilding federations in the world. The federation was founded in 1989 by a husband and wife from the USA who have a strong connection to bodybuilding and a desire to promote the field to competitors who do not use performance enhancing substances. Since then the federation has been operating successfully in about 20 countries, and since 2018 in Israel as well.

More information about the WNBF can be found on our About page.

The president of the WNBF Israel is Or Dan. Together with the EVB team: Sivan Tafla, Sagi Gluzman, Tal Ben Moshe and Eldad Uzman, they manage the federation activities and promote the field of natural bodybuilding in Israel.

More information about the management team can be found on our About page.

If you are natural bodybuilders, then the WNBF is the natural choice for you. WNBF ISRAEL is the only organization in Israel that provides a competitive, drug-free platform and meets the stringent standards of the WNBF in drug testing to allow natural competitors a fair competition. The winners of the Israeli championship are awarded a PRO card that enables them to compete in the World Championship held annually in the USA.


On the registration page, complete the registration form, confirm the policies and pay the registration fee – and you are in.

The registration fee is 220 NIS.This cost is for participation in the competition only, and does not include the cost of a polygraph test, medical examinations, etc. Participation in the competition is subject to the payment of the registration fee and the performance of the required tests for which a separate payment will be collected.

The conditions for registration are detailed on our Policy

You can participate in the competition at any age, subject to our Policy.
Minors under the age of 18 will be required to be approved by their parents or guardian.


The process of preparation for the competition is individual and must be tailored to the competitor personally. We strongly recommend to competitors, especially inexperienced ones, to use the help of a professional who specializes in preparing competitors for the stage. For competitors for the first time we recommend taking the competition in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, but still do a professional and proper preparation.

In general, qualitative preparation for competition takes time and it is recommended to start as soon as possible. The average duration of preparation takes a few months and depends on many factors such as: the current shape of the competitor, self-preparation or professional accompaniment, level of professionalism and experience in previous preparations of the competitor and the accompanying professional, the level of willingness and ability of the competitor to invest the time and effort required to prepare, etc.

In choosing a professional it is important to ensure that he or she has the appropriate knowledge and experience in preparing competitors for competitions, especially natural competitors, and can tailor the process to each competitor personally.

WNBF ISRAEL works with the best professionals in the field. Feel free to contact us on the preparation form, and we will be happy to help you find a professional who will prepare you for the competition.


  • Bodybuilding (Men)
  • Fit Body (Women)
  • Men’s Physique (Men)
  • Bikini (Women)
  • Classic Physique (Men)

You can review the full details and judging criteria for each category here

A correct match to the category is critical to the success of the contestant. You can refer to the judging criteria page understand the important criteria in each category.
In addition, you can contact us on the contact form and we will be happy to give you a category-specific orientation.

Judgment is subject to the rules of WNBF. There is an organized scoring system based on specific criteria for each category. More information on this topic can be found on the Judgment page.

Drug tests

Yes, we require all competitors to undergo a polygraph test.
The test will be done by “Abir Polygraph” one week prior the competition.

The test itself is not long, usually performed during the week prior the competition. Filtering the candidates, filling out the questionnaires and taking the interviews takes longer. All this information is required in order for us to carry out the polygraph test efficiently. You must arrive at least half an hour before the time set for the test in order to fill the paperwork. Some of the subjects will be required to fill out the paperwork prior to the inspection. An identity card, driver’s license or passport are also required by the polygraph examiners.

If you are registered as a competitor, we can ask you to perform a urine test without prior notice. During the competition, all competitors are required to perform a urine test “in their show clothes” and are not allowed to take anything with them to the testing area. Competitors who compete and win are required to perform a urine test immediately after leaving the stage.

Please read the complete list of prohibited substances on the drug testing page

An athlete who fails a drug test or a polygraph test is required to report this before registering for the WNBF. Failure to comply with this provision will result in suspension of membership in the WNBF for 7 years.

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