WNBF - 30 years of leadership in natural bodybuilding


30 years of leadership in natural bodybuilding

Since 1989 the WNBF is proud to have held the highest standards in promoting stringently drug-tested, professionally produced bodybuilding & physique events around the World!

Over 4000 competitors in 76 events around the world, and 30 years of stringent drug testing has made the WNBF the most respected drug free federation in the world. 


After competing in several Natural Bodybuilding events around the world, Or Dan, president of the WNBF ISRAEL, has joined forces with the WNBF in order to promote and produce Natural Bodybuilding events in Israel.

In collaboration with the EVB team, and after many joint efforts and preparations, the first ever Natural Bodybuilding event took place in Israel in 2018.

WNBF ISRAEL is committed to meeting the stringent WNBF standards.

The winners of the WNBF ISRAEL Championship will get a PRO card which allows them to compete in the WNBF World Championship which takes place every year in the US.

We are proud to lead the field of Natural Bodybuilding in Israel and be the home for Israeli natural bodybuilders.

Management Team


Or Dan - President

Or, 25 years old from Petah Tikva, is the owner and CEO of FIT IL, A consulting firm for fit and healthy lifestyle. Or, a natural bodybuilder himself, has competed in several bodybuilding events in Israel and around the world. As part of his participation in competitions abroad, Or underwent stringent drug testing and won the titles: 1st place in Man Classic Physique, Philadelphia 2017; And 3rd place Men Physique, New York 2017. Among his other activities, Or is An officer in the reserves and has held managerial positions in private companies.  

  • Graduate of professional courses in nutrition
  • BA with honors in Business Administration and towards completion of an MBA, with the intention of continuing his PhD in consumer behavior

Sivan Tafla - Vice President

Sivan, a certified personal trainer, has been active in the field of fitness and nutrition for about a decade. Sivan, One of the founders of the EVB team, has a vast experience in coaching and preparing athletes for bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, and has a strong desire to promote natural bodybuilding and powerlifting in Israel through research-based approaches.

  • Graduate of the Wingate Gym Instructors course
  • Prestigious studies abroad under valued professionals in the global fitness industry
  • Trained under a number of elite coaches from abroad

Sagi Gluzman - Director

Sagi, a certified personal trainer, specializes in strength and conditioning training for the general population. In his work, he emphasizes improving fitness indices and facilitating daily tasks in the general population, and leads to high-level results in a rapid pace among trainees who are willing to push themselves to the edge to achieve impressive achievements. Sagi, one of the founders of the EVB team, Attaches great importance to making evidence-based fitness and health information accessible to the general public and amateur and competitive athletes.

  • Graduate of the Wingate Gym Instructors course

Tal Ben Moshe - Director

Tal, a certified personal trainer, has been active in the field of fitness and nutrition for about two decades. Tal, One of the founders of the EVB team, reads and reviews studies regularly in order to make evidence-based fitness and nutrition information more accessible to the general public and professionals.

  • Graduate of the Wingate Gym Instructors and minors training courses 
  • Graduate of the ACSM personal trainers course 
  • Certified CrossFit level 1 trainer 
  • BA in psychology and towards completion of a Master’s degree

Eldad Uzman - Director

Eldad, 33 years old married +1, a programmer working in the Hitech industry for about 8 years, an amateur trainee and a bodybuilding enthusiast. He is particularly interested in non-competitive trainees who lives a busy lifestyle that combines fitness, career, family, studies and more. Eldad, One of the founders of the EVB team, actively promotes evidence-based fitness and nutrition, and believes that with proper balance and evidence-based approach that focuses on the important things, everyone can improve their quality of life.

  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (B.SE.)

Daniel Dror - Director of Marketing and Operations

Daniel, professional fitness trainer, has a strong connection to powerlifting and natural bodybuilding. Starting in 2018, director of marketing and operations in bodybuilding competitions. Has a professional knowledge in preparation for competitions, professional consultation and guidance for a preferred category